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Compliment for you!

Welcome to driving school Rijschool Compliment for car driving lessons in Veldhoven and region. Super satisfied with your driving lessons and participate well educated in traffic. That is what we want to achieve with you. We give targeted lessons in a pleasant, unforced atmosphere. You will learn a lot from this and it will ultimately save you time and money.

To your needs!

Everyone learns driving at their own pace. Offering tailor, the lessons will be precisely personalised for you, obviously in a logical order. We keep track of your progress on an instruction card. This way you do not take to many, nor to few lessons. Eventually you will later on have to be able to participate in traffic on your own in a safe and fluent manner. Each driving lesson lasts at least one full hour (60 minutes). You can choose that you are the only pupil in the car, whereby you get all attention and can get the most out of your lesson. There is no time lost with collecting or dropping off other pupils. On the other hand, you can also learn a lot from each other when you or another student drives a small bit along.


Besides practical driving lessons you obviously also need to study the theory for driving with a passenger car. You can optionally purchase the study materials yourself. If you prefer, we can advise you in this. You can find a very good interactive online course on You can choose from more than 20 different languages. Good luck!

Your instructor

You get your car driving lessons from your fixed instructor. In addition to many years of driving experience Anne has the necessary life experience, a great knowledge of human nature and excellent coaching skills. As Social Pedagogic Carer (Sociaal Pedagogisch Hulpverlener) he carried out among others activities in the field of autism and guidance of people in their workplace. All this experience comes in useful during your driving lessons. Of course Anne would like to come along to introduce himself. Don't you also want to know who is your instructor when you choose for Rijschool Compliment?

Anne Fietje, driving instructor of Rijschool Compliment
Anne Fietje, driving instructor of Rijschool Compliment